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Some of my early influences were Hank Williams, Elvis , Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, Chuck Berry and then The Dublineers, The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem, Tamla Motown artists, Bob Dylan, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The loving Spoonfull, Sweny's Men, Muddy Waters, The Byrds, The Band and just about every thing I heard. I like story songs, protest song and poetic songs like White Room by Cream. I liked Judy Collins, Nina Simone, Joni Mitchel, Joan Bayez. There are a lot moe but you get the drift Folk, Country and Rock.

My Story

My wife told our boys growing up - whatever you think is out of the ordinary I won't be shocked. 

Your Dad has done much worse.

I have true stories like :

Waking up naked under a sheet in a morgue and frightening the attendant when I sat up.

Crashing my motorcycle the day after our wedding.

Escaping from some bad dudes in Sicily with the help of American Marines.

On the other hand I'm told I'm not boring .

I don't see problems just things to be worked out.

I'm a self taught musician who cannot read music but I still love to play.

As I'm bipolar I am blessed with  creativity and have learnt, with help from my lifelong love, to control the condition. 

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